Welcome to the Homepage of the Hindu Dharma Samudaya.

The Hindu Dharma Samudaya was established in accordance with the Religious Organizations Act of Bhutan (ROA), 2007

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was it established?

Certificate of registration was issued on 31 July, 2009

2. Where is it located?

Motithang, Thimphu

3. Is it a registered organization?

Yes, it is incorporated under the Religious Act of Bhutan

4. Is it affiliated to any registered political party?

It is purely a religious organization and does not have affiliation to any political parties in the country.

5. How does it function?

It functions as a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental foundation within the Kingdom of Bhutan.

6. How are its activities carried out?

Through planned activities which are carried out by its Board of Directors and volunteers.

7. Who heads this organization?

Dasho Meghraj Gurung is the Chairman

8. What is its vision?

Promote peaceful co-existence, compassion and reverence for all sentient beings in the society and promote spiritual practices & traditions of Sanatan Dharma to foster and strengthen human values.

9. What are its objectives?

Function as a nodal agency for Sanatan Dharma and its religious institutions, religious sites & Mandirs, coordinate religious discourses, promote Pathsalas in the country, promote religious harmony, develop general guidelines on Hindu religious practices, assist in preservation, renovation, rehabilitation and construction of Mandirs and other institutions of religious and cultural significance, Extend assistance to disadvantaged groups where needed and justified.

10. Who are eligible to be members?

Any person irrespective of caste, colour, religious pursuits who is interested in furthering his/her knowledge and understanding of Sanatan Dharma can be a member.

11. How are the Board members appointed?

Through election (secret ballot)

12. What is the tenure of the Board members?

Three years

13. How does it run in terms of fund?

Through voluntary contributions, donations, grants, subsidies, financial assistance and bequests received from the Government

14. If a donor wants to make a voluntary contribution, what is procedure?

Can donate any voluntary amount, which will be acknowledged through valid Money Receipt of HDSB

15. Can it be dissolved at any point of time?

Yes, in accordance with Articles 74 to 86 of ROA.

16. Do you have branch offices in Dzongkhags?

Establishing Local Chapter at Dzongkhag level is already in process.

Shiva Ratri
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Shiva Ratri
Ram Navami
Shri Krishna Astami
Vijaya Dashami
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