The Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HDSB) is an apex body for Sanatan Dharma and its religious institutions, temples, religious sites and different sects or Pantas. It functions as a bridge between the Bhutanese Hindu community and the Chhoedey Lhentshog, Royal Government of Bhutan. HDB initiate measures to unite and integrate all segments of the Hindu community without any discrimination on the basis of social or sectarian status.

HDSB promotes religious harmony and strives to strengthen socio-cultural development and unity in Bhutan. It co-ordinates and conducts prayers, religious discourses and activities, and meditation. It also organizes and celebrates religious functions, festivals and events for peace and well-being of the King, country and the people of Bhutan.

HDSB is empowered to conduct research and studies in Sanatan Hindu Dharma and on themes common to it and Buddhism, and organize workshops and seminars on matters of religious interest and importance so as to enrich people’s understanding of the teachings and virtues of the Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

HDSB is also mandated to promote Sanskrit Pathsalas, where needed, to meet the needs of the community for Pundits and Purohits (Lams and Chhops) in performing religious rites and Pujas, and facilitate higher studies on philosophical aspects of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and Buddhism.

HDSB assists in preservation, renovation, rehabilitation and construction of Mandirs and other institutions of religious and cultural significance in the country. It records and registers all public religious institutions and sites of religious significance and monitor their operations.