The office of HDSB is housed in a rented apartment with one paid staff. Apart from the operational cost the organization of periodical meetings of the Board members and Annual General Meetings are other elements of costs. Besides, the Samudaya needs more staff, including an Executive Director. Presently, the organization is financed by donations collected from the public and is struggling to cope with the rising expenditure and has a huge responsibility of unifying and harmonizing the community as envisaged in its Articles of Association.

Royal Government of Bhutan has been generously sponsoring the construction of the temple in Thimphu and various other districts. In order to shoulder the additional resources requirement by the devotees and well wishers of HDSB, the management would like to solicit donations from wider circle of the society at free will on voluntary basis. The donations can either be directly deposited to the bank address given below with communication to Mr. J. N. Sharma, Manger, HDSB (mobile # 17611785 who will arrange to acknowledge the receipt of the amount. Direct payment is also possible by recording in a register maintained by Mr.Sharma for the purpose.

The bank address is as follows:

  • Bank Account Number: 5000055981010, Savings Account.
  • Name of Bank: Bhutan National Bank Ltd.: THIMPHU,
  • Beneficiary: Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan,
  • Address of the Beneficiary: HDSB, Post box # 1226, Thimphu, Bhutan,
  • Telephone Number: 00975 02 329245;
  • Email:

The Samudaya wishes to create a Trust Fund to meet at least the operational expenses in the future by investing the accumulated savings, as an amicable solution to the regular collection of donations from the same group of well wishers, now and again.