The Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HDSB) is a religious organization, established in 2009. It is registered with the Chhoedey Lhentshog, the Commission for Religious Organizations of Bhutan. HDSB is dedicated to promote spiritual traditions and practices of Sanathan Dharma in Bhutan so to foster and strengthen human values.
The aims and objectives of this organization are to promote peaceful co-existence and reverence of all sentient beings in all segments of the Bhutanese society including the Buddhist spiritual heritage of the country.

With its head office in the capital city, Thimphu, the organization is managed by a Board of Directors of volunteers comprising representatives from Hindu priests and other HDSB members who are elected at an annual general meeting. Its technical committees and branch offices (also called local chapers) that are managed by the elected members, also volunteers, in different parts of the country support the Board in carrying out its functions. The Executive Director looks after the organziation’s routine work with the help of a few office staff who receive a very modest salary.

The HDSB activities are financed through grants and voluntary contributions.