The HDSB is managed by the Board of Directors elected from among the members in an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board comprises of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, four prominent Pundits including the Chairperson and other five persons representing the Hindu community. The Board meets at least once every three months; presence of a majority of members of the Board is required to meet the quorum. All decisions are taken by consensus.

The Secretary, functions as the Member-Secretary of the Board and maintains the minutes of the meeting. Executive Director who is appointed by the Board as its employee to manage the office participates in the meetings of the Board as an ex-officio member.

Power & Functions of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors advise the Chhoedey Lhentshog on religious issues of significance and submit reports to it, as required; recommend membership of a Hindu Pundit in the Chhodey Lhentshog and constitute sub-committees as and when required to address specific issues.The Board can take disciplinary action against any member for violation of the Articles of Association and other norms of HDSB.

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Board Members

The Board member are expected to maintain dignity of the position, operational transparency, highest principles and moral values and be unbiased in discharging their functions and responsibilities.

Tenure of Board Members

The tenure of membership in the Board is for three years. In the event that no confidence motion is tabled and supported by a simple majority of members present and voting in an AGM, such members would be replaced by fresh elections. All members can contest for re-election for another term.