The Thimphu Local Chapter of Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan, with the support of the Royal Government and the devotees is organizing the puja at Durga Mandir at MOWHS colony and at Devi Panchyan Mandir at Kuenselphodrang, Thimphu maintaining the safety protocols against the ongoing pandemic.

Navratri Festival is celebrated by Hindus with great devotion for 10 days. Idol of Goddess Durga is worshipped during Navratri. This festival is celebrated by all Hindus. It is said one of the fiercest daemons, Mahishasura undertook severe penance to obtain a boon that he cannot be killed by a male, underestimating at his own cost the power of the female form, and started creating havoc everywhere. To stop him, Shakti took a very beautiful form of Durga and told him that she would marry him if he defeats her in a battle. It is believed that they battled for 9 days, and on the 10th day, Durga killed Mahishasura. Therefore the 10th day is called Vijayadashmi, day of the victory.

During the period of 9 days of navratri, 9 forms of Durga, called nav-durga, are worshiped in the following order:

  1. Shailaputri : She is the primal energy of the trident Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and was born as daughter (putri) to Himalayas (shaila – mountains)
  2. Bhrahmacharini : This form represents penance and austerity leading to blissfulness and moksha
  3. Chandraghanta : Represented as 10-armed mother riding a lion, she adores a bell-shaped (ghanta) moon (chandra), and is slayer of evil forces.
  4. Kushmanda : Literally meaning “little warmth cosmic egg”, she is the creator of the universe
  5. Skandamata : She is the mother of Skanda, or Karthikeya, the chief warrior of Gods.
  6. Katyayani : As daughter of sage Katyayan, she is a fierce form of Durga.
  7. Kaalratri : As death of Kaal (time), she showcases the other side of life – death. She is the most terrible and ruthless form of Durga.
  8. Maha Gauri : She represents calmness and grants wisdom to her devotees.
  9. Siddhidatri : The fulfiller of all the wishes and giver of boons.

The following priests will take part in the recitations of the ritualistic texts and prayers during the period:

  1. Durga Mandir, MoWHS colony:
  • Led by Pundit Somnath Kaflay, CID card #: 11308004838, Mobile No.17612345, Address: Thimphu.
  • Purohit Dilliram Nirola, CID card #:10302000906, Mobile No.17390520 Address: Dagapela (Dagana).
  • Purohit Bhim Dahal, CID card #:10302004025, Mobile No. 17382288 Address: Dagapela(Dagana).
  1. Devi Panchayan Mandir, Kuenselphodrang
  • Led by Pundit Tulsi Gautam, CID card #:11805001736, Mobile No.17972484 Address: Thimphu.
  • Pundit (Dr.) Moksha Nananda Adhikari, CID card #:11307002291,Address: Paro.
  • Purohit Shrilal Bhandari, CID card #: 11810000776  Mobile No. 17697392 Address: Tsirang.
  • Purohit Loknath Sharma, CID card #:10205003521 Mobile No.17760378 Address: Chhukha.
  • Purohit Bednidhi Subedi, CID card #: 11805002929 Mobile No. 17697465 Address: Tsirang.
  • Puja will consist of recitation of the following religious prayer books in both the temples:
  • Devi Bhagawat paath, yathashakti
  • Durga Saptasati paath, 27 Abriti
  • Rudrastadhyayee path, 11 Rudri
  • Vishnu Sahasranam, 108
  • Aditayhridaya stotram, 108
  • Ganesh Atharva sirsa, 108
  • Shri Sukta paath, 12
  • Shri Siva Mahimna stotram
  • Mantra jap 5 rosary (Panchayan)
  • Daily Havan (offerings will continue throughout the puja during the day)


Day 1) 17 October, 2020:     

08.00 hrs.  The Board members of HDSB and TLC shall meet at Dechenchholing fuel depot parking space.

  • 08.30 hrs.                                Proceed to Dodena to fetch holy water
  • 10.00 hrs.                                Arrival at the respective temples
  • 11.15 hrs.                                Arrival of Chief Guest

11.30 hrs. to 13.00 hrs.           Ghatasthapana Sampanna and deep prajwalan by the Chief Guest.

Puja Starts after the Ghatasthapana.

  • 13.00hrs to 14.00 hrs.             Break
  • 14.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs .           Paath
  • 17.00 hrs. to 17.30 hrs.           Aarati & Pushpanjalee.

Day 2 to Day 9) 18 October to 25 October:           

  • 07.00 hrs. to 09.30 hrs.:          Puja Arati
  • 09.30 hrs. to 10.00 hrs.:          Tea Break
  • 10.00 hrs. to 12.00 hrs.:          Paath & Havan
  • 12.00 hrs. to 13.30 hrs.:          Lunch Break
  • 13.30 hrs. to 15.00 hrs.:          Paath
  • 15.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.:          Paath, Nawami (ninth day) nine spinsters’ pujan, Ahuti, Uttar Puja
  • 17.00 hrs. to 17.30 hrs.:          Aarati & Pushpanjalee.

Note: HDSB along with the Thimphu Local Chapter hasn’t yet decided the celebration of Vijaya Dasami Tika Ceremony due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are eagerly waiting for your good self’s advice and suggestion on the same.


In view of the present situation and for the safety of every individual, it is mandatory for everyone to:

  • Maintain the social distance of at least one meter.
  • Use of face covers / masks.
  • To wash hands with soap and use hand sanitizer at the designated places in the temple premises.
  • Respiratory etiquette which is covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing, to be strictly followed.
  • No open spitting.
  • To use of Druk Trace App while entering the temple premises.
  • Only asymptomatic persons shall be allowed in the premises.
  • Every individual must be aware of and follow the directives regarding COVID-19, issued by the government from time to time.