Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HDSB) underlining the member’s responsibility and solidarity would like to request for the renewal of their membership with HDSB and also urges the HDSB Local Chapters in the country for encouraging renewal and registration of new members.
The membership registration fees: You have choice of registering annually with Nu. 500/year or Nu. 1000 for membership validity of 3 years [Nu. 500/year or Nu. 1,000/3 years].
You may deposit the amount either in BoB a/c No. 100560195 or BNB a/c No.
5000055981003. Kindly share a screenshot of the transfer with your full name and CID number to +975-17470035 (WhatsApp/Telegram).

For further details and queries please contact

Tel. +975-2-329245;
Fax +975-2-326267;
E-mail: bhutanhindu@gmail.com

‘Serve, to be served’
Vice Chairperson